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Old December 14th 04, 04:22 AM
KK4TL formerly of Mem-Town, USA
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Default Hello and I never did anything wrong, It is all a setup!

Soooo .. now the FBI is involved .. Hmmmm .. that's what can happen
when there are high-powered lawyers in the family. Well hopefully
Christy and Jim (and who knows how many more) can clean their clock in

As for Mr. Davies, we hope he's weathering the storm like a trooper.
(Late word is that he *still* has not stopped by KRBC for that "heapin'
helpin' of Southern hospitality".

Then again the question arises - was it really Mr. Davies who started
this thread.
Here's the acid test - "What kind of *beast* would do this?"
Hint - the answer is 2 words.

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Old December 15th 04, 04:22 AM
Lloyd Davies
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"Chris" wrote in

On 12 Dec 2004 20:29:49 -0800,
Lloyd Davies wrote:
Dont believe the lies that are being told......

We saw right through them - all the lies and false accusations.
Humbug. We ignored them all.

Lloyd is back because the owner of NIM Busters deleted the forum from Lloyd's other buddies will probably be along shortly.

The reason for the termination of the forum is unknown, but
speculation is that someone finally got up the gumption to take legal
action after NIM Busters regulars showed up on his forum and trashed
it. The victim supposedly had lawyers obtain a subpoena for
network54's log files and serve it over the weekend. The intent is to
track down the people who regularly used NIM Busters and to take
further action against them.

The owner of NIM Busters deleted the board and ran for his life,
probably after Network54 informed him that they were going to honor a
subpoena concerning his board.

Jon Cunningham could also be involved, since NIM Busters regulars made
it a habit to harrass Jon via email, and that has Lloyd badly
frightened. Jon blamed Lloyd for his problems at first, and
threatened legal action against Lloyd.

But that isn't the end of it. The FBI was also telephoning NIM
Busters regulars, thanks to some idiot who kept dumping NIM Busters
posts into the FBI's email box in Pittsburgh, PA. The FBI even called
Lloyd at one point, another reason why Lloyd is frightened.

My own suspicion is that Lloyd is the victim of an impersonator whom
we all know. Hopefully, the investigation of Network54's log files
will lead back to the imposter and he will finally have to pay for his
actions. I'm looking forward to watching this latest episode play

Well Chris, I hope not to hang out for long, just trying to straighten
things out, Again!

1. I did not call Mr. Jon Cunningham. He is aware of this and is not
pursung any more actions.

2. I did not e-mail the FBI in Pittsburgh or anywhere else. I even
called the FBI tonight in Pittsburgh and the lady didnt have the foggiest
idea what was going on. I am sure if I was the center of a "major" FBI
investigation, I'm sure I would have gotten a call by now, eh? I'm sure
the FBI wants to hear my side too?

3. Yes, there are many imposters of me on the internet. Both Jon and
FBI are aware of this by now. I'm sure the FBI is very through in its

Like I said, I aint got nothing to hide....

Gosh, I just hate having to keep having to defend myself against false
accusations, it just getting very old!!!!

Just leave me alone...

Lloyd Davies
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Old December 15th 04, 06:32 PM
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Chris wrote:

Someone called and threatened him immediately after his web site
stated that he wanted to take legal action against you.

The call was placed almost right after Lloyd signed off his shoutcast
show "On the Domestic Front" where Lloyd was crying for real on the air
about what was going on. Lloyd knows he did it and he spoofed the caller
id number of Steve Holsten (Lloyd's only friend, but that is why Lloyd
did it, thinking Steve would believe him) using a service called or a similiar service. After that, Lloyd posted on NIM
Busters that he opened up a Yahoo chat room. I went in the chat and
spoke with Lloyd. He acted like nothing at all happened but for the last
time, I also tried to be a friend to him. Which now I know is impossible
until Lloyd gets the professional help he needs. I've talk to Lloyd
enough that I am convinced he does need professional help.

No, it was probably Wiseman who forged return addresses in NIM Busters
posts and attached your name to the posts themselves.

I'm convinced that was Lloyd also. I saw the thread, it was meant for
Roger Wiseman and others to reply to that their replies would be
forwarded to the FBI.

Replies were
automatically emailed to the FBI by Network54, because Wiseman checked
off the "email replies" option box.

I'm convinced it was Lloyd. I saw the threads. Why would Roger set
himself up with the FBI? Again, it was a set up against Roger Wiseman
and a few others.

Just leave me alone...

It may be a good idea for you to take your own advice: Just leave
your antagonists alone.

He has been told that dozens of times only to come back. Sometimes he
outright comes back, sometimes he'll invent characters like Jim Davies
or impersonate others. He'll spam a message board into the group using
multiple nyms, then use his real name to claim he had nothing to do with
it. People have seen this on newsgroups for years from Davies. It is a
sign of someone who is mentally ill.

For that reason, the "Just leave me alone" plea you repeatedly use
isn't believeable any more.

No it isn't. I even debated him once on a neutral forum and when Lloyd
started losing the debate, all he could respond to is "**** you" and
"leave me alone", even though Lloyd challenged me to the debate. I used
his own usenet postings against him including his racism, anti-semitism,
and hatred toward homosexuals.

Another sign something is wrong with this man.

I've tried several times talking sense into Lloyd. It all failed and
Lloyd deserves everything I and others throw at him for it.

Lloyd should simply walk away, drop that stupid "I'm a timelord stuff"
that he pretends to be and leave these discussion groups.

Harry Schwartz
Lexington, SC
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