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Default [DXNL] DXNL 1565 (Apr 2, 2008)

DXNL 1565 - Apr 2, 2008
DX Newsletter

a free and weekly service of
DARC Committee "DX and HF contesting"

editor: Helmut Schlaffer, DL7MAE
(e-mail: )

translation by: Mike, DJ5AV

A7 - Katar: Bill, NM7H (YI9WF), intends to return to Katar in early April
as A7/G0MKT through middle of June. Bill prefers CW on 40 through 6 m,
using SSB and PSK now and then. QSL to NM7H direct or via bureau.

E7 - Bosnia & Herzegowina: Mar 22nd, 2300 UTC change of prefix T9 to E7
was completed. ITU allocated E7A-E7Z prefixes to Bosnia & Herzegowina
in August 2007.

HS - Thailand: Joerg, DL1MJF, will stay in Thailand Apr 5th through 24th.
This time he will also visit the island Koh Samui (AS-101) Apr 20th
through 24th. Published call is HS0ZGQ. He will have a TS-50 and G5RV-
dipole for 40 through 10 m, using CW and SSB on or near 7.022, 7.062,
14.022, 14.262, 21.022, 21.262, 28.022, 28.562 MHz and on WARC bands.
QSL - via bureau also - to DL1MJF.

KH2 - Guam: Look for Kirk, WE8A/KH2, on 80 through 12m using mainly SSB
and some CW Apr 4th and 5th. QSL only direct to his Japanese address:
JJ5CVM, Kirk Itaya, 5-1-35, Daikaidori, Kobe, 652-0803, Japan.

TI - Costa Rica: Orrin, TI6/K9KEJ, will visit the Eastern part of Costa
Rica April 4th through 11th and do QSOs out of the jungle, mostly
on 20, 17 and 15 m.

XU - Cambodia: Retu, OH4MDY, will be on the air from Sihanoukville Apr
3rd through 14th using the call XU7MDY on CW, SSB and digimodes on
all bands. QSL direct only to: Reijo Laitinen, Mantytie 13, 76940
Nenonpelto, Finland.

6W - Senegal: Ronnie, SM7DKF, Goran, SM7DLK, Mats, SM7DXQ, Christer, SM7KJH,
Tore, SM7MPM, and Michael, SM7TGA, are announced using the call 6V7I
Apr 6th through 12th while with 6W7RV and will hit the airwaves with
two stations (with PAs) on 10 through 160 m using CW and SSB. They
will have monobanders on 10, 15 and 20 m and a Titanex Vertical for
the others. SM7DXQ is QSL manager.

9N - Nepal: Since Mar 26th Stig, LA7JO, is in Nepal again as 9N7JO and
using SSB, CW, PSK31 and RTTY on 160 through 6 m until Jun 30th.
QSL direct only to his address in Thailand: Stig A. C. Lindblom,
Thatsana Changphimai, 147/1 - Moo 3, Tambon Boot, Ban Ta Bong,
Phimai, TH-30110 Nakhon Ratchashima, Thailand.

Canada, special calls: "Club Radio Amateur de Quebec" (
will use special call VC2VQ in Apr 2008 because of 400 years of
Quebec City. QSLs via bureau to VE2CQ. For the same occasion hams
in Quebec Province may use special prefix VG2 instead of VA2 as
well as VX2 instead of VE2.

France, special call: The "European Organisation for Nuclear Research" will
have an open day Apr 6th. For this event radioclub F6KAR activates special
call TM8LHC Apr 5th and 6th on all bands and modes. Send your QSL via REF
Bureau or direct to F6KAR and look up further information at .
Special call TM0FAC will be aired Apr 3rd in a festivity of the University
of Valenciennes. The activity intends to present amateur radio to its
students. Look for them on 20, 40 and 80 m. QSOs will be completed
by a special QSL.

Croatia, special call: "Varazdin Radioclub" (9A1HDE/9A7A) will be 9A60A
(QSL via 9A7A) Mar through Dec 2008 because of its 60 years history
and will be in several contests also.

Kosovo in WAE-Country-List:
Effective Feb 17th 2008 Kosovo was added to the WAE-Country-List with the
prefix YU8. This means that YU8 countsfor a multiplier for CQWW Contests
and for the CQ-Marathon, although not mentioned on ARRL DXCC List yet.

Silent Key:
Graham Ridgeway, M5AAV, became silent key Mar 25th. Graham was a reliable
QSL manager of several DX stations. Tim, M3SDE, will continue to hold
that high standard for the calls A25OOK, HS0ZHX, V8FEO, XU7DXX, XU7XRO,
9M4SEB, 9M6XRO, 9M6XRO/p, 9M6/G3OOK, and 9M8Z. Tim will confirm direct or
via RSGB Bureau.

LINKS: Find information about actual SOTA activities (summits) on the
websites & .
Detailed information about current VHF activities can be found on the
VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at:
We expect ZS8T starting in May on Marion Island. View a collection
of ZS8 QSL cards at .
Give a visit to also.
This page was honered webside of the week lately by OPDX Bulletin.
It's a nice test on geografy not only for DXpeditioners.

4.-6. April: YLRL DX to North American YL Contest;
5./6. April: SP DX Contest;
5./6. April: EA-WW-DX Contest.

IOTA collected by Fredy, DE0MST (e-mail: )
Island activities:
AS-046: 9M2, Island of Tioman: Wolfgang, 9M2/OE1WWL, will visit the island
of Tioman Apr 1st through 5th and will use his QRP rig on SSB.
QSL via h/c, direct or OE bureau.

EU-004, EA6, Baleares: David, EA6/M0DLL, will stay until Apr 10th using SSB
on 20 through 6 m.

EU-120, G, M, English Coastal Islands: Chris/M0DOL had to cancel his trip
to the Island of Holy as GX4KPT (Apr 5th through 11th) due to health

NA-016, ZF2, Cayman Island: Look for Bob, K3UL, working from Grand Cayman
Apr 5th through 12th on CW and SSB "holiday style". He prefers 80 and
160 m. QSL direct to K3UL.

NA-033: "Texas DX Society" was active Feb 28th through Mar 3rd on San
Andres as 5J0E. At you check their online log
now and find your QSOs confirmed on LoTW already.

Lighthouse activities (WLOTA/ARLHS)
CU6AY LH 1321 AZO-013 resident
DL1ECU/p LH 1245 FED-134 22.04.-03.05.
DU9/PA3GZU LH 2803 12.04.-12.05.
MJ0MJH LH 0818 JER-008 21.-25.04.
M0DOL/p ENG-224 05.04.-11.04.
GX4KPT ENG-224 05.04.-11.04.
VE7NARA LH 0858 01.05.-30.05.
SX5C LH 0237 GRE-053 25.07.-04.08.
YB5QZ LH 0458 resident

Bandspots of the last 7 days
160 m
TB37F 1.845 2330Z via LZ1NK (B)
TO5RZ 1.820 2355Z St. Barths, via W2RZS (B)

80 m
J28JA 3.800 2015Z via F5JFU (B)
SY8JZ 3.511 2012Z EU-174, via LZ1JZ (B)
TO5RZ 3.528 0546Z St. Barths, via W2RZS (B)
VQ9LA 3.514 2304Z via
5T5DC 3.502 2247Z via DH7WW (B)
9X0R 3.795 2325Z via EA5RM (B)

40 m
DF2HL/p 7.032 1013Z EU-042
FG/OM3LA 7.001 2156Z via OM1APD
OL30SPACE 7.060 0841Z via OK1TIR (B)
R35NP 7.001 2011Z via RW1AI
SY8JZ 7.008 0523Z EU-174, via LZ1JZ (B)
TB37F 7.003 2308Z via LZ1NK (B)
TO5RZ 7.027 0606Z St. Barths, via W2RZS (B)
ZM80WB 7.003 1705Z via ZL-Bureau
5T5DC 7.002 1933Z via DH7WW (B)

30 m
SY8JZ 10.109 1544Z EU-174, via LZ1JZ (B)
VP5/W5CW 10.107 2231Z via W5CW
3B8/SP2JMB 10.115 1723Z via SP2PI (B)

20 m
AO8A 14.204 1925Z via EA8AH (B)
CN2R 14.214 1928Z via W7EJ (B)
FG/OM3LA 14.248 1812Z via OM1APD
HB0/DG3NDN 14.180 1411Z via DG3NDN (B)
HB10DX 14.083 0929Z RTTY, via HB9AGH (B)
HH4/AF4Z 14.113 2006Z via AF4Z (B), (L)
P40A 14.101 2116Z via WD9DZV (B)
P49Y 14.103 2008Z (L)
PJ2T 14.136 1943Z via N9AG (B)
PT5A 14.147 2048Z via AI4U (B)
PW2D 14.212 1926Z via PY2VM (d)
R1ANT/mm 14.010 1659Z via RW3GW (B)
SX1L 14.261 0902Z via DL1JCZ (B)
SX5P 14.240 1151Z via SV5FRD
SY8JZ 14.008 0955Z EU-174, via LZ1JZ (B)
TB37F 14.199 1137Z via LZ1NK (B)
TM6M 14.221 2002Z via F6KHM
TO1C 14.160 1917Z via ON4IQ (L), (B)
TO5A 14.115 1939Z via F5VHJ (B)
TO5RZ 14.338 2056Z St. Barths, via W2RZS (B)
TO6T 14.124 1946Z NA-102, via F6HMQ (B)
TR8CA 14.203 1656Z via F6CBC (d)
VP2MAH 14.119 2040Z via N3DXX
VQ58V 14.138 2111Z via W5CW
WP2Z 14.187 2031Z via KU9C (d)
XV3M 14.004 1459Z via F6BUM (B)
YO22NATO 14.025 1005Z via YO3KAA (B)
3V8BB 14.152 0849Z via YT1AD
5C5W 14.176 1921Z via EA5XX (d)
5D5A 14.284 0859Z via I2WIJ
5T5DC 14.275 1643Z via DH7WW (B)
6Y1V 14.126 2059Z via OH3RB (B)
9X0R 14.024 0638Z via EA5RM (B)

17 m
CE0Z/DL2AH 18.120 1624Z via DL2AH (B)
V31MR 18.102 1606Z RTTY, via N5ET (B)
5T5DC 18.095 1536Z via DH7WW (B)
6W/IK4ALM 18.120 1652Z via IK4ALM (B)
9X0R 18.145 0648Z via EA5RM (B)

15 m
CU2DX 21.285 1901Z via CU2AA
FG/OM3LA 21.285 1542Z via OM1APD
HB10DX 21.369 1625Z via HB9AGH (B)
SX5P 21.271 1149Z via SV5FRD
TO5RZ 21.028 1939Z St. Barths, via W2RZS (B)
V48M 21.279 1903Z via K2SB (B)
WP2Z 21.267 1903Z via KU9Z (B)
3B8/SP2JMB 21.014 1015Z via SP2PI (B)
6V7E 21.333 1859Z via RW3TN
6Y1V 21.322 1956Z via OH3RB (B)
8R1K 21.277 1906Z via OH0XX (B)
9X0R 21.295 1411Z via EA5RM (B)

12 m
6W/IK4ALM 24.977 1629Z via IK4ALM (B)
9X0A/YU8 24.945 1219Z via UA3DX (B)

10 m
AY8A 28.494 1637Z via LU8ADX (B)
CX4DX 28.474 1654Z via
EA8BHD 28.484 1909Z
EA8MQ 28.507 1754Z
EC8AYZ 28.445 1916Z
HB10DX 28.464 1829Z via HB9AGH (B)
LS2D 28.425 1746Z via EA5KB (B)
LU5EVK 28.402 1744Z
LU6ETB 28.436 1717Z
LU6FOV 28.482 1650Z
PP5EG 28.498 1648Z via K3IRV (B)
PR1T 28.467 1828Z via PY1ZV
PR5Z 28.425 1833Z via PY5ZHP
PW2D 28.475 1749Z via PY2VM
PY2CX 28.512 1841Z
PY2HL 28.493 1836Z (B)
PY5QW 28.519 1756Z
XR6T 28.455 1820Z via CE3FED (B)
ZW5F 28.469 1655Z via PP5BZ (B)
5T5DC 28.007 1404Z via DH7WW (B)
5T5DC 28.487 1634Z via DH7WW (B)

(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
(L) = LotW

09Apr-24Apr 3B8/SP2JMB 1564
01Apr-08Apr 3B9/SP2JMB 1564
20Mar-02Apr 3W3M 1563
30Mar-17Apr 5R8HT 1564
06Apr-12Apr 6V7I 1565 *
- Apr 2008 6W/EA4ATI 1515
- Sep 2009 6W1SJ 1541
15Jan-15Apr 6W2SC 1553
27Mar-03Apr 7P8FC 1564
- 31Dec 9A60A 1565 *
01Apr-05Apr 9M2/OE1WWL 1565 *
26Mar-30Jun 9N7JO 1565 *

- Jun A7/G0MKT 1565 *
07Apr-16Apr AI5P/KH0 1562
- 31Dec AY0DX 1558
- Aug 2008 C91R 1538
18Mar-07Apr CE0Z/DL2AH 1562
- 10Apr EA6/M0DLL 1565 *
- 31Dec 2008 EI100S(I) 1501
- late Apr EL8CB & EL8BK 1563
06May-06Jun FR/Glorioso 1562
05Mar-27Apr H44MS 1557
- Nov 2008 HF0POL 1552
05Apr-24Apr HS0ZGQ 1565 *
- 31Dec HG1848I 1556
- 31Dec HG550REX 1556
24Mar-04Apr HH4/K4QD.. 1563
01Mar-31Aug II3PIAV 1564

18Jul 2006-2008 J28JA 1484/85
- Aug 2008 J28OO 1534
15Jan-15Apr J5UAP 1553
17Mar-06Apr JD1BMM 1563
27Mar-08Okt JX9JKA 1564
- 31Dec ON40BAF 1553
- 31Dec ON1000NOTGER 1555
24Mar-10Apr OZ/DL1TM.. 1563
- early Apr S21XF 1559
27Mar-02Apr S29FM 1564
- 31Dec SF700BF 1558
now T61AA 1539
04Apr-11Apr TI6/K9KEJ 1565 *
now-2008 TL8QC 1459
03Apr TM0FAC 1565 *
29Mar-12Apr TM2I 1553
24May-07Jun TM7S 1553
05./06. Apr TM8LHC 1565 *
28Mar-08Apr TO6T (Guadel.) 1564
now TT8PK 1556

- Sep 2008 V55SRT 1554
24Mar-05Apr V73PX 1562
- May 2008 V73RY 1552
Apr 2008 VC2VQ 1565 *
27Mar-03Apr VK6ARI(OC-164) 1564
19Mar-02Apr VK9ANU (Norf.) 1563
26Mar-06Apr VP2ENK.. 1564
01Apr-03Apr VP2MAD 1564
27Mar-09Apr VP5/W5CW 1564
- Apr 2008 VQ9JC 1549
now WA2YUN/KH9 1561
04./05. Apr WE8A/KH2 1565 *
03Apr-14Apr XU7MDY 1565 *
- Aug 2008 YA/IZ1BWB 1553
- 15May 2008 YI9MI 1547
28Mar-09Apr YO22NATO 1564
- late Apr 2008 ZD7X 1561
05Apr-12Apr ZF2UL 1565 *
May-Apr 2009 ZS8T 1563

* = new or updated
... = and other calls

QSL information
CO0FIA (d, 1 IRC)
E72AA via K2PF (B)
E73AD via YT8BB or (d)
E74EBL via T98U (B)
E76AQ via E73TW (B, ex-T93Y)
E77XZ via DK6XZ (B)
FM/F5LGE via F5LGE (B)
HC2SL via EA5KB (B)
IS0/DL8JJ/m via DL8JJ
IZ8OM/7 via IZ8EDJ (B)
JX4A via LA4XEA - pirate?
K3TRM/6Y5 via K3TRM (B), (L)
LA2008TSR via LA7J
M3YFL (d), eQSL
OH/DK4ZC via DK4ZC (B)
P41YL via AI6YL
PP5OZ via PP5AR (B)
PY7PR (d), (L)
R4/UT5UDX via UT5UDX (B)
SZ7SER (d)
TC18M via TA1HZ
TI5/N4NX via N4NX (d)
TI5/WA7UZO via AI4U (B)
TK/OH2YL via OH2YL (B)
TM4WRC via F4ELU (B)
TM5H via F4ABC
TM8ANT via F8DVD (B)
UA3OB (d)
UA3R via (B), automatically
UA9JEC (d) or GlobalQSL
UT1E via DL9MS
UV5C via UX7CQ
V26CC via M0AJT
V73NS via WD8CRT (B)
VC3E via VE3AT (B)
VR2UPU (d)
WH0DX via JM1LJS (B)
YG5SDX (d)
YT5YTT (d) or eQSL
ZF2XY via KE1F
ZM80WB via ZL-Bureau
3A/DL8BDR/p via DL8BDR
6W/RW3TN via RW3TN
9J2CA via G3SWH (B)
9M6LSC via G3SWH (B, 6.-12.3.08 only)

(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new QSL manager
(L) = LotW

* Successor wanted: Mac, W3HC, is looking for somebody to take over his
duties as QSL manager for 127 DX stations. You should have enough
room for 150 boxes for the blank QSLs. Contact Mac by email to
if you feel fit for that job.

+ QSLs arrived direct: VP2EDH (via W7UX).

* QSLs confirmed in LoTW: IQ2ARI, IR2W, IR4X, IS0/DK7ZH, IU4HQ, IU7HQ,
J28EW, J37K (2008), J38AA, J3/S50R, J79CW, JD1BMC, K8P, KG4SS, KH6CW,
LZ800AB, LZ2007EU, and MD0CCE.

* QSLs arrived bureau: BV8BC, BX4AAC, BX4AN, J5UAP (via HA3AUI),
7Q7CE (IN3VZE), and 9M4SEB.

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to:
Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, OPDX-Bulletin, DF6EX (for WIN-QSL),
F5NQL, F6AJA, W1AW, and others.
__________________________________________________ ________________
The German PDF version can be found on the DARC homepage at:
__________________________________________________ __________________
Subscribe or unsubscribe to the DXNL mailing list yourself at:
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