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Default proof wackers are bad for ham radio and will destroy it

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applaud the FCC's recent statement and reaffirmation of the rules and
what the amateur radio service was created for.

And I was especially glad to see so many true hams stand up against
the people trying to usurp the frequencies.

Until then, I was beginning to think I joined ham radio for the wrong

My earlier posting automatically lumped those folks in with the true
ham radio operators because everywhere I turned, all I was hearing is
that's the main purpose of amateur radio.

Well, not according to the FCC. And not according to U.S. law.

Since the wackers are so interested and much more knowledgable in and
about amateur radio, it's history, and the law, then they must know
for sure where the laws they want changed originate and how to easily
change it. LOL.

As proof wacker emcom hams are bad for ham radio, I've seen a site
made by a ham who is obviously one of the emcom hams although I don't
know or remember if he's actually a whacker or not.

His website was about "proper ham radio etiquette".

According to him, proper ham radio etiquette on the ham bands,
including the repeaters and simplex frequencies is to never ever use
ham radio terms or ham radio jargon on the ham radio bands because no
one else understands what those words mean, and therefore breaks the
FCC rule requiring plain English must be used,

but that it's okay and even preffered to use CB terms and CB jargon on
the ham radio bands because everyone understands what those words and
terms mean and therefore doesn't violate the FCC rules requiring plain
Englisg be used.

Yes, you read that correctly. He claimed proper ham radio etiquette on
the ham radio bands is to never ever use ham radio jargon on the ham
radio bands at all, but that it's okay and even preffered to use CB
jargon on the ham radio bands!!!

Wow! I guess all those true hams claiming ham radio is currently
becoming like and turning into CB were correct after all.

At first, I didn't think it was. Until I read that.

I would give the url, but I put it on disc somewhere, and deleted it
from my computer and don't remember where it's at. Yeah, I know that
will make the whackers here post there's no such whacker site. Well, I
don't care what you beleve, "and that's the pfffttttt truth."

He was definitely the typical emcom type, though. Said all ham
repeaters and frequencies should be kept as free as possible from
anyone communicating on them because they might someday be needed by
emergency personnel and that if you must talk on any ham repeater or
any ham frequency, the total conversation time between both parties
should not last more than two minutes.

And preferrably should not even be that long.

(That's one minute per person, or less if you do it the preferred
way) .

(preferred by whom? Why obviously prefered by employee emcom workers
who don't want anyone else talking on the bands so they can say the
bands are empty of other activities and should be turned over to emcom

Of course he and they don't usually admit that part. That's one of the
reasons they keep kicking true hams off the ham frequencies whether
simplex or repeaters.)

(There's also other reasons such as power trips, etcetera)

Also, he said that you should never ever make any outgoing calls on
IRLP or Echolink because when you do, there might be someone trying to
get in on Echolink or IRLP who can't because you are blocking them
from doing so by having dialed out and connecting to and using another

Wow! Well, imo, if everyone followed his rules and never made any
outgoing calls on IRLP or Echolink, (which some particular hams
obviously want), there wouldn't be any incoming calls anyway since
they would be outgoing calls to the person making them. And since
there isn't any incoming calls anyway, then why not dial out and use
the Echolink and IRLP to connect to other repeaters?

On second thought, even if he's not the type of person who
impersonates policemen and fireman and ems workers or goes out to the
scenes,in my opinion, he's still a whacker.

Ham radio terms and jargon improper etiquette on ham radio

CB radio terms and jargon preferred and proper etiquette on ham radio

Outgoing calls on any IRLP/Echolink repeater or link anywhere should
never ever be made anywhere anytime because there might be an incoming
IRLP/Echolink call on that IRLP/Echolink repeater (which happens to be
a prohibited outgoing call to the person making it, if you follow his
rules. He wasn't talking about his repeaters but all ham repeaters).

At least, that's the best I can remember it to the best of my memory,

IMO Yep, a true wacko/wacker alright.

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