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Default Best Portable for MW DX

On Saturday, December 27, 2008 at 12:11:35 PM UTC-8, Mike wrote:
Here's a general question I want to throw out:

Which portable receivers do you think make the best receivers for
chasing MW DX?

I'm fortunate enough to have collected a lot of portables and here are
the ones I'm currently leaning toward dedicating to MW DX:

1. Panasonic RF-2200

This one is clearly in the group and may be the best single receiver I
own for MW DX. It's only real drawback is the lack of a digital
readout, but 30 years of use has enabled me to develop a pretty good
ability to figure the exact frequency from finely-calibrated dial.

2. Redsun RP2100

I've owned this radio for about a year and continue to be impressed by
it's sensitivity and pleasing audio.

3. Sony ICF-7600GR

Small and very sensitive. The continously adjustable RF Gain makes the
GR model significantly better for MW DX than it's predecessor, the
7600G, which just had a DX-Local switch. It's small size makes it the
easiest to place on a Lazy Susan for directional reception.

4. Grundig S350

Though I have been extremely negative about this receiver (drifting,
tuning and image problems), I must admit that it's pretty impressive
when it comes to MW. I've been using it for MW DX for about the last
week and I have yet to hear an image in the MW band (they're all over

5. GE SuperRadio

Incredibly sensitive, very low noise floor and great audio.
Unfortunately, the dial is not finely calibrated and is way off. It's
hard to understand why a SR with digital readout was never made (at
least to my knowledge).

But, these five are about to be separated from my larger collection
with the purpose of dedicating them to MW DX.

My question is: Are there other radios that you folks think really
standout when it comes to MW DX?

Any comments are greatly appreciated,

Louisville, KY

slight change in subject ultralightdx Radios
Jordan Vancouver Canada ve7jjd
What is an Ultralight Radio? Updated December 2010
Definitional Criteria: The Definitions Committee is guided by the following criteria which characterize an Ultralight Radio (ULR):
1. It is a simple shirt pocket-sized radio of not more than approximately 20 cubic inches.
2. It is an entertainment-grade radio, as opposed to enthusiast's radio. As such, it will usually not have AM synchronous detection, SSB clarification or other specialized features.
3. It is readily available to the hobby in new or used markets at the time of its approval.
4. It costs no more than $100 retail at the time of approval.
5. It is primarily a radio. While it may have other features as well (MP3 recorder, etc.), the design and function should have radio reception as its focus.
6. It is not a "novelty radio" such as Coca Cola Can radio, Mr. Potato Head, etc.
While one may use any radio they wish for DXing, for purposes of contests, awards and records submission, an Ultralight Radio must be officially approved by the Ultralight Definitions Committee. If you would like to have a particular radio considered for inclusion in the list, please submit a proposal by posting a message to the Yahoo UltralightDX board, or drop me an email [satya(at)]. Please state how the radio in question meets the six criteria above, and provide (or include a link to) a picture and specifications for the radio. Each radio is then reviewed by a committee on a case-by-case basis. The criteria above are intended as a guide rather than a set of rigid restrictions, and occasional exceptions may be made to any of the criteria. However, please use your discretion before seeking approval for radios clearly outside of the definitional criteria.
Categories of Ultralights
For purposes of contests, awards and all-time records, as well as for letting other DXers know what you are using, there are two categories of Ultralights, Barefoot and Unlimited:
• The Barefoot Category means any Ultralight as it came from the factory, with no meaningful alteration or augmentation such as filtering or antenna changes. Minor changes such as aligning a "stock" receiver to maximize the performance or retrofitting a bigger thumbwheel to make tuning easier don't take a radio out of the Barefoot Category. Basically, the only thing between you and the incoming signal is the stock Ultralight and perhaps a pair of headphones.
• The Unlimited Category is a radio that started out as an Ultralight but, as used for DXing, has been altered or augmented. This includes any internal changes such as IF filter upgrades and new antenna ferrite and/or wiring, as well as external peripherals such as passive/active antennas, DSP audio filters, antenna couplers, tuners, phasers, preamps and so on. The limitation is that the incoming signal must be fed either into the ferrite bar antenna of the ULR or straight to the board's RF input; either way, the signal must otherwise be processed solely through the complete circuitry (RF/IF through detector/audio) of the ULR. The intent is to preserve and use the basic circuitry rather than, for example, feeding the IF output from a professional communications receiver into the final detector/audio stage of the ULR.
Popular Approved Ultralights
C Crane SWP (Redsun RP-300); Degen DE1123 Eton e100 (Tecsun PL-200) Grundig G8 (Tecsun PL-300WT) Kaito WRX-911 (Tecsun R-911) Kchibo D96L Kchibo KK-D6110 Sangean DT-200(VX)Sangean DT-210(V) Sangean DT-400(W) Sony SRF-39/49/59/85 Sony SRF-80/83/84/87 Sony SRF-M37V/L/W Sony SRF-T615 Tecsun PL-210 Tecsun PL-310 Tecsun PL-360 Tecsun PL-380 Tecsun PL-606 Tecsun R-9012 Tecsun R-912

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