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Old June 15th 04, 02:47 PM
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Default Chuck Harder Show

Is anyone else having trouble receiving "For The People" with Chuck
Harder on the new frequency 15.665MHz? I'm in Atlanta Ga. and never had
trouble when the show was on 9.495MHz.



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Old June 17th 04, 06:18 AM
Vic Martinez
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Chuck Harder??? The guy who predicted the Y2K Worldwide Apocalypse??
What's he predicting nowadays?

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Old June 17th 04, 03:01 PM
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I don't know, I can't hear him.


Vic Martinez wrote:

Chuck Harder??? The guy who predicted the Y2K Worldwide Apocalypse??
What's he predicting nowadays?

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Old July 2nd 04, 08:52 PM
Dan Weir
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Hearing him weakly with much fading at the Soo. He is predicting that
are all going to hell in a handbasket, which he will sell you for a
price, and you should all get "a piece of dirt" on an unserviced
road, set up a used trailer, and power it with his solar array, which
will also sell you. Then you hunker down and go fry something while
you wait for "the big one". While waiting you can buy gold coins,
which he also sells
(touts for, actually). Same old, same old.

Yes, "same old, same old" ... but if you take Chuck's life history in
perspective, perhaps you'll understand - or at least acknowledge - his
frank anti-government, right-wing bias.
You see, Chuck has had severe physical problems since he was a child -
most prominently, his obesity (he's weighed around 400 pounds most of
his adult life). Looking for someone to blame, he finally settled on
the U.S. government, no matter who was in charge.
Truthfully, I'm not really sure why he got on this extreme right wing,
anti-government, anti-trade, anti-banker, pro-conspiracy kick, though
I think it might have had something to do with his early radio network
Back in the late 1980's, his fledgling "For the People" consumer
advice show was in need of a national sponsor. It finally got one,
thanks to the Liberty Lobby, the virulently anti-Semitic advocacy
group that pushed Holocaust denial and "former" Kluxer David Duke's
presidential runs. By 1991, however, Chuck had left the Lobby; ten
years later, the group itself dissolved.
Unfortunately, Chuck hang on to some of his Lobby on-air guests for a
while, including Hitler worshipper Eustace Mullins and militia
organizer Bo Gritz. Later on, Chuck had the presence of mind to dump
both, glomming on to anti-trade author Pat Choate, who was Ross
Perot's running mate on the Reform Party ticket in 1996.
Sadly, Chuck never really gave up on the Liberty Lobby's
conspiratorial view of the world. It gave him an intellectual basis
for his seemingly bizarre behavior on the air, especially concerning
Y2K. His survivalist mentality was borrowed lock, stock, and gun rack
from the Lobby. Today, Chuck is a Bush hater, maybe not of Michael
Moore caliber, but close enough. Chuck says over and over again about
Bush being a "limousine elitist" who "doesn't get it"; those exact
same words were printed in the Liberty Lobby's "Spotlight" tabloid in
the early months of the Bush Administration.
To be "fair and balanced," there is one big difference between the
Lobby and Chuck: Chuck's a consistent supporter of Israel. Indeed, he
takes this support to extremes, pushing the "Shas" view on the Middle
East peace process (drop the whole thing altogether) and featuring
ultra-Orthodox Israeli activist Victor Mordechai on a regular basis on
his radio show.
Oh, and let's not forget Chuck's support for extreme left-wing
socialist presidential candidate Ralph Nader.
That seems to be the story of Chuck Harder's life: Dis the mainstream
and embrace the extreme, because the mainstream has made his life so
miserable over the years, thanks to his obesity.
Chuck's 1999 accident, which disabled him for life, only reinforced
this real-life Greek tragedy.
Damn shame, for Chuck truly has a golden voice and a wonderful cause,
consumer activism. Had he stayed on that course, and not waded off
into the murky netherworld of extremist politics, no telling where
he'd be today. Probably battling it out in the Arbitrons with Clark
Howard, I'd guess.

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