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Old December 17th 05, 09:13 PM posted to,
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Default FCC Affirms Jack Gerritsen $42,000 fine

You still have told us all what you plan to do about it.......lying
again steve??


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Old December 20th 05, 03:48 AM posted to,
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Default stveie whines somemore

On 17 Dec 2005 06:22:51 -0800, "K4YZ" wrote:

On 13 Dec 2005 06:04:23 -0800, "K4YZ" wrote:


Oh my God...... I have finally found 'The Land Of Misfit Hams'........
I think I'll pull up a chair and make myself comfy.

You poor, poor sods!

Yes...the rowdy and the reckless.

But beware the "Feeble Five."

true to form

As is this, Markie...(not ot mention the FORGED e-mail alias
above...You're really rackin' em up, PaganBoy!)

just trying to catch up with you stevie boy

everyone should be advised that The following person...(SNIP)

Still broadcasting a phone number that doesn't belong to me.

then why do you care?

more of stevie protesting too much

One MarkieLie after another.

Mark Morgan is a pathological liar.

stevie does not not know the meaning of the phrase

Steve, K4YZ

everyone should be advised that The following person
has been advocating the abuse of elders making false charges of child rape, rape in general forges post and name

he may also be making flase reports of abusing other in order to attak and cow his foes
he also shows signs of being dangerously unstable

151 12TH AVE NW

Usenet Zone Free Binaries Usenet Server
More than 140,000 groups
Unlimited download to open account
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Old December 20th 05, 06:37 AM posted to,,,
an old friend
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Default stevie ****

Who said I was Roger? wrote:

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Who said anything about a fine, Roger?

Who said I was Roger, dumbass? You see him behind every post, dumbass.

We know Riley didn't fine you.

Last time I checked, I wasn't Roger, either. Looks like you ****ed up
as usual.

He merely warned you in writing about malicious interference and mandated

'invited') that you retest.

But no reason was given why Wiseman had to retest, stupid. Learn to
To show reason, "Not Roger", read below. (taken from a Hollingsworth letter
to you)

No, that is taken from the ARRL press release in the enforcement
letters news section.

"citing evidence that the licensee had been "deliberately and maliciously
interfering with the radio operations of other licensed amateurs" on 20
meters. "This interference has occurred at...."

Yet the actual retest letter that has been posted many times gives no
reason. You lose, ****nuts.

Color it what you will Woger, but a pig in the poke is still a pig.

You should know, FATASSED pig. And, quit sucking so many cocks, your
lisp is showing.

Learn to read, Pig.

Learn to read an actual letter from the FCC versus one from the ARRL
news section's take on the subject, dumbass!

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