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Old July 17th 03, 04:47 AM
Ryan, KC8PMX
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That is true, but it is only an alarm of sorts. It does not allow for
intermittent keying last I knew. A downed cop or firefighter could key a
location such as "bedroom" or " bathroom" or whatever.

There is AVL as well, but that usually is for the mobile radios.
Kinda-sorta-maybe like APRS.

Ryan, KC8PMX
FF1-FF2-MFR-(pending NREMT-B!)
--. --- -.. ... .- -. --. . .-.. ... .- .-. . ..-. .. .-. . ..-.
... --. .... - . .-. ...

Fortunately, there are other ways to accomplish the same task, that
being to alert other firefihters to the plight of the trapped
personnel. The fire department in Buffalo, NY equips members of its
interior teams with portable radios that have a "man down" button on
them. When said button is pressed (which isn't hard to do, it happens
very often by accident) it activates an alarm on the MDTs in the rigs.
The drill then is that all other comms stop at once and a headcount is
performed. It doesn't even have to be the MDT on the rig he or she is
assigned to - any MDT in range will initiate the alarm. Other
departments probably use that technology as well, I merely am aware of
this one since I live relatively near Buffalo.

73 DE John, KC2HMZ

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Old July 17th 03, 04:49 AM
Dick Carroll
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"Carl R. Stevenson" wrote:

What "bothers me" is that some folks deny the fact that there ARE better
ways than OOK Morse (apparently in an attempt to bolster their "real ham"
and "everyone MUST know Morse" viewpoints)

That's BS and everyone reading here knows it.

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Old July 17th 03, 04:51 AM
Larry Roll K3LT
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In article , Radio Amateur KC2HMZ

Lemme try again: At one point in history, humanity's most
learned scholars had it proven to their satisfaction that the Earth
was the center of the universe. That is, until Copernicus came along.


You mean it isn't?

73 de Larry, K3LT

(Just kidding!)

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Old July 17th 03, 04:52 AM
Dwight Stewart
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"Kim W5TIT" wrote:

Alrighty then...

Alright. Things were never better. In other words, your messages appear to
be showing up (and staying on the server) just fine now.

Dwight Stewart (W5NET)

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Old July 17th 03, 04:54 AM
Ryan, KC8PMX
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"Kim W5TIT" wrote in message
"Ryan, KC8PMX" wrote in message

2. Most public safety professionals (by which I mean law enforcement,
fire supression, EMS, and SAR personnel) know precisely this about the
radios they use on the job: Either it works or it doesn't. Either the
city cops can talk directly to the county sheriffs or they can't.
Change to a different radio? Sure...just get a new radio...see item
number (1) above for the problem with that.

Hmmm.... but if there ever was any career paths that the possibility of
needing to communicate in a non-voice manner those professions just may
be..... If a firefighter gets trapped in a building or cop has some

situation where he may not be able to speak or something, he may be able

tap code out on the speaker.

Ryan, KC8PMX
FF1-FF2-MFR-(pending NREMT-B!)
--. --- -.. ... .- -. --. . .-.. ... .- .-. . ..-. .. .-. . ..-.
.. --. .... - . .-. ...

Wellllllllll, wouldn't just plain tapping get the attention, too?



Yeah, it would definitely get attention, but maybe if the code was required,
they could send a simple location of something like "bedroom" or whatever.
Read my responses to KC2HMZ.....

Ryan, KC8PMX
FF1-FF2-MFR-(pending NREMT-B!)
--. --- -.. ... .- -. --. . .-.. ... .- .-. . ..-. .. .-. . ..-.
... --. .... - . .-. ...

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Old July 17th 03, 05:26 AM
Dick Carroll
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Dave Heil wrote:

Brian wrote:

Radio Amateur KC2HMZ wrote in message

...provides an opportunity for ops on six meters. I've observed the
phenomenon before. Your're in New York. You point your beam north and
you start hearing somebody in Florida. You figure you're hearing him
off the back of the beam and turn it south to bring up the signal,
only to have it disappear.

Much of this activity happens on CW. Voice signals get distorted a lot
due to the effects of all the ionization in the aurora itself.

John, though 6M is worth mentioning, it isn't HF and these guys don't
care. Its all about using fast CW on HF (to them). Brian

How do you manage to be wrong so often, Brian? I worked about forty
Europeans on 6m this past week. About half of those QSOs were made on
CW. About half of the CW QSOs were made using relatively slow speeds.
Those contacts were not made using Aurora. Had they been, all of the
QSOs would have been made using slow CW.

So far, the only people here claiming that "it" (whatever "it" is) all
about using fast CW on Hf are you and Len. Len isn't a ham. What's
your excuse?

He;s not much of one?

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Old July 17th 03, 05:39 AM
Brian Kelly
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"Carl R. Stevenson" wrote in message ...

You're using "magical" like Disneyworld uses it ... as a way of saying
that something is entertaining, fun, and has its own "draw" for some

Absolutely correct and "some people" is tens upon tens of thousands of
us Carl.

I'm talking about "magical" in the sense of "having special powers to
do things beyond the ordinary." There is nothing "magical" about Morse
in that sense.

I'd like to be there when you convince the hundredth experienced CW op
to give it up and become just another terminal operator. Talk about
"ordinary" . .

. . . . the decision should
NOT be based on a popularity contest in the community of
incumbents, but should, rather, be based on the sound judgement
of the FCC as to what's regulatorily necessary and good for the
future of ham radio.)

Baloney, if the FCC had it's druthers ham radio would evaporate

Carl - wk3c

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Old July 17th 03, 06:34 AM
Dick Carroll
Posts: n/a

"Dee D. Flint" wrote:

As stated their purpose is to ADMINISTER ham radio, not necessarily to
encourage its growth.

In fact, it could well be that FCC nowdays may be, or may become, more interested
in seeing the ARS decline, with corresponding decline in amateur radio interest
in the HF part of the spectrum.

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Old July 17th 03, 07:21 AM
Dick Carroll
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"Carl R. Stevenson" wrote:

"N2EY" wrote in message
Nope. I've worked AC6XG at least twice, both times on CW. Once was on
Field Day (20 CW) and the other on the rrap net on 7037 kHz.

The rrap net on 7030 kHz???

Is that where you PCTAs send "secret messages," safe from the
prying eyes/ears of the no-coders??? :-)

Sheesh ...

Well ain't this special!!! Carl, should you really want to know what "secrets" the
intelligentsia is passing along in their (not so) secret code, all you gotta do it
tune in-
and use that skill you claim to have developed way back when...remember, it doesn't
go away if you *really* learned it to 12wpm.

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Old July 17th 03, 08:57 AM
Brian Kelly
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"Kim W5TIT" wrote in message ...
"Dan/W4NTI" wrote in message

"Dwight Stewart" wrote in message
"Kim W5TIT" wrote:


Kim, I don't know what is going on with your newsgroup messages. Many

your messages are listed as no longer on my server very shortly after

post them (sometimes just one or two hours later). The messages are

in my message list of this newsgroup, but I get an error ("message no

on server") when I try to read them. For everyone else, I can read

they posted many days ago.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know what is happening in case you post

reply to one of my messages and don't get a response. It's not that I'm
trying to ignore you - I just can't read or reply to your quickly
disappearing messages (I caught and replied to this one before it

Dwight Stewart (W5NET)

I had my witches coven put a curse on her.


That would be witch's...

Uh Oh. There it is. I been wondering when the inevitable girl fight
would happen. Careful here Kim, I think perhaps you're outgunned . .



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